Hi my name's Mike Forde and I'm a photographer/digital artist based in Belmont, Perth, Western Australia specialising in beauty and glamour images and also producing  portfolios for models.
I do a lot of digital work on my images not only retouching (editing), but also altering the backgrounds or putting the people I photograph into totally new backgrounds.
If you have any queries about what may or may not be possible please contact me via the email link or on my mobile 0407 006 199.
I offer a personal and if necessary discreet service and none of the work I do for you  can be used without your written permission.Since there have also  been one or two shady characters in the photography business in Perth from time to time  I am also the holder of a National Police Certificate.

The shot below is very typical of how things can be altered. The background was a daylight shot I took in Bali and then manipulated considerably
, putting in the clouds and the moon, and turning the light from daylight to dusk. The model was photographed  against a plain background at my place in Perth. The two were then layered together and the appropriate highlights and shadows were added. As a result,  instead of having a normal bland studio shot, you have something which is very different and very personal. Taking the photograph is just the first part of the creative process, the end result is only limited by your imagination - or mine!

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